SPRING (S ingle P article R econstruction from I mages of kN own G eometry) is a single-particle based helical reconstruction package for electron cryo-micrographs and has been used to determine 3D structures of a variety of highly ordered and less ordered specimens. Spring provides the entire single-particle based work-flow required for helical reconstruction including:

  • Classification

  • Helical symmetry determination and refinement tools

  • High-resolution structure refinement

  • Multi-symmetry structure refinement

Spring is still maintained in the Sachse lab at the Ernst-Ruska Centre of the Research Centre Juelich for the Unix operating systems of MacOSX and Linux.


If you find Spring useful for your research, please cite:

Desfosses, A., Ciuffa, R., Gutsche, I., and Sachse, C. (2014). SPRING - an image processing package for single-particle based helical reconstruction from electron cryomicrographs. J Struct Biol 185, 15-26.

For further information find more Spring-related publications.


We provide binary downloads that include all required components and build recipes for all dependencies. Follow install instructions for more details.


Spring is released under the modified BSD lisence and integrates several different electron-microscopy specific and other open-source packages. Spring is entirely written in Python and is based on the EM functions and libraries of:

  1. EMAN2.91

  2. SPARX



Spring makes use of a number of scientific computing packages: