Springmicrograph - suite of programs that work with micrographs

Program to split large scan into individual micrographs. The location of individual micrographs is determined by a dummy micrograph reference.

Program to examine micrograph quality by computing a localized power spectrum using EMAN2’s e2scaneval.py and an averaged power spectrum from overlapping tiles using SPARX’ sx_welch_pw2.py

Program to trace helices from micrographs

Program to optimize michelixtrace by varying michelixtrace parameters systematically on a grid

Program to determine CTF parameters from a set of micrographs using CTFFIND and CTFTILT (Mindell and Grigorieff JSB, 2003)

Program to evaluate the performance of scanner by correlating adjacent rows and lines with each other from a pure noise image.

Program to evaluate performance of scanner by measuring dots spaced 2.5 mm apart.

Program to evaluate scanner performance of scanner by measuring deviation from 45 degree line to determine CCD curvature and pincushion parameter.